Adult Bedwetting Struggles

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It’s one thing for a child to wet the bed, but if an adult is struggling with the issue it could be a sign of a larger health issue.

The Doctors discuss sleep enuresis, a condition when one exhibits loss of bladder control during the night. Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman says it is rather uncommon for most, with only around 3 percent of adults experiencing it. Sleep enuresis can be a sign of an underlying health concern.

The most common issue related to adult bedwetting is diabetes, due to more sugar in the blood, which can cause more volume in the kidneys.

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Another cause could be the lack of anti-diuretic hormone secretion, which keeps you from urinating too much. Drinking too much alcohol blocks the hormone, which causes more urination.

Dr. Berman also says that sleep apnea can contribute to bedwetting. She notes that increased abdominal pressure can affect the bladder. Sleep apnea can also make people harder to rouse, therefore getting up to urinate can be more difficult.

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The Doctors recommend if you’re experiencing bedwetting to consult with your physician in order to get the right diagnosis and proper treatment.