Mom's Controversial Kitchen Condom Drawer for Her Teens

Playing Mom’s Controversial Condom Drawer

Is providing condoms for your teenage sons a good or bad decision? The Doctors weigh in on parents helping their teenagers make safe sex choices.

Earlier this year, Amy – a single mom from England raising three teens – penned a candid story for The Guardian about how she keeps a drawer in her kitchen filled with condoms. Amy’s article caused controversy about whether parents should be supplying their children with birth control and safe sex items.

Amy, who is a social worker for teens, often helps her clients with issues such as unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. After accompanying one client to the clinic who feared she contracted chlamydia, Amy was given 400 condoms by the clinic doctor. Amy filled a drawer in her kitchen and told her kids there would be a no questions, no embarrassment policy about using and taking the condoms. She was surprised to see that a week later the drawer was empty.

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When she asked one of her sons about it, he said, “You’ve done a great service to the community. The lads in my year are now protected. You have single-handedly prevented unwanted pregnancies and if there’s a dip in teen-births here next year it’s down to you,” explaining that he distributed the condoms to his classmates.

But how do The Doctors feel about this bold approach to safe sex and avoiding unwanted pregnancies?

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“It’s a little weird having a kid as a condom dealer,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says.

Family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross questions if parents of the other kids should be involved in the process.

“There’s other parents of the kids that they’re giving the condoms to who probably don’t agree,” she adds in.

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Tell us what you think – should condoms be easily accessible for teenagers in their own home?