Woman Suffering from Breathing Problems Saved by Watching The Doctors

Nicole suffered from severe breathing issues for over 20 years and thought had asthma, but tuning into The Doctors helped her find out what was actually causing her to desperately gasp for air.

Nicole says that for as long as she can remember she suffered from a “life of misery” unable to do things like play sports, walk short distances – even simple things like loading the dishwasher were close to impossible. She describes her pain as “an elephant sitting on her chest.” She tried every possible treatment to asthma including inhalers and steroids, but never got a handle of the issue.

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Nicole’s father was watching an episode of The Doctors from January 2015, when he heard a guest speak about suffering from subglottic stenosis and he felt his daughter was also dealing with the same issue and made her immediately watch the episode.

Subglottic stenosis is a narrowing of the airway below the vocal cords and above the trachea. After consulting with her physician, Nicole discovered that her throat was 70 percent closed. Her doctor told her surgery was imperative as the problem could cause her to suffocate while sleeping.

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Thankfully, her surgery was successful and Nicole joins The Doctors and says she now feels like “a different person.”

“I have to thank you guys, because if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here,” she explains, holding back her tears of joy. “It changed my life. I’m 28 and I can finally start living and do everything that everyone else takes for granted. Walking out on stage, I wouldn’t be able to do a few months ago if it wasn’t for you guys.”

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Find out more about Nicole’s procedure from the surgeon who operated on her below, plus find out the special surprise The Doctors have for Nicole involving her new active life!

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Playing “The Doctors” Saves a Woman from Potentially Suffocating In Her Sleep