Lockable Pill Bottle Could Prevent Future Addictions

Playing Could a Lockable Pill Bottle Help Curb Addiction?

Could a lockable pill bottle help curb addiction? The Doctors weigh in on a new device aimed at limiting access to painkillers.

Illinois recently passed a measure which will provide incentives to pharmacies that dispense painkillers and other addictive medications in locked pill bottles, something ER physician Travis Stork is all for.

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He highlights the importance of this idea, saying, “70 percent of teen addiction drug users, it all started at the home medicine cabinet.”

The new pill bottle is equipped with a combination lock in order to gain access. Family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross questions if people who are in a great deal of pain will want to take the extra step required.

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Dr. Stork believes these pills bottles are easier to open, once you have the combination, compared to a traditional push-down bottle. He goes on to tout its benefits, using a parent – who has been prescribed a powerful painkiller – with teenagers at home as an example of when this might be a safer bottle option.

If you’re concerned about who might have access to your medications, the lockable pill bottle might be worth getting.