Nail Secrets From Celebrity Manicurist

Playing Three Nail Secrets Every Woman Must Know

Do you covet the nails of stars like Ariana Grande, Hilary Duff and Paris Hilton? The Doctors have some insider beauty tips that could have your fingers looking famous!

Nail artist Natalie Minerva, who has worked with a slew of Hollywood A-listers, joins family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross to share three manicure secrets that every woman needs to know.

Quick fix for a broken nail while on the go

“All you need is a tea bag and nail glue or nail resin,” she explains. Natalie says to empty out the tea bag and use a small, cut portion of the tea bag that fits over your nail. Next, apply a layer of resin, lay the cut tea bag down and then apply another later of resin and repeat until firm. This should help get you through the day.

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How to fix an old gel manicure when you can’t get to salon

“A great way to resolve that is filing in the empty space with glitter,” she says. Natalie recommends that using an ombré effect from the bottom up will make your nails last a little longer. Natalie cautions that you do not want your manicure to go on longer than 3 or 4 weeks because you might experience lifting and bacteria and fungus can occur.

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Know which nail suits you best!

“Nail shape is very important,” she says, reminding everyone to consider which style will elongate your hands and accentuate your features best. Dr. Ross and Natalie say it never hurts to keep it elegant and clean when it comes to choosing your nails.

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Keep these tips in mind next time you break a nail on the go or before your next trip to the salon!