Toilet Paper Lipstick Beauty Trick!

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Playing Drs. Rx: How Toilet Paper Can Make You Sexy

Toilet paper just might be the secret to a beauty trick when it comes to your lips – and we’re not talking about just blotting.

Family medicine physician Rachael Ross shares a simple trick that will keep your lips looking vibrant for the entire night.

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“Toilet paper can actually make your lipstick last longer,” she says, explaining that it’s not the usual technique of blotting your lips with the paper after applying it. “This is a little different.”

Dr. Ross instructs to first put your lipstick on, then apply a layer of tissue on top of your lips. Next, apply powder on top of the paper. She says this will help seal the first layer of lipstick. Finally, apply another later of your color on top.

According to Dr. Ross, whose lips always look fabulous, this technique will allow you to go the entire night out without needing to reapply.

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Still not convinced? Check out how great plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon looks using Dr. Ross’ lipstick tip!