Eyebrow Guru’s Better Brow Tips

Playing Eyebrow Guru Reveals Tips to Better Brows

Looking for better brows? The Doctors has some tips from one of Hollywood’s most sought after eyebrow gurus.

Anastasia Soare, founder and CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hills, says there is help for every eyebrow situation, whether they are too big and bushy or barely there.

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The Doctors help eyebrow sculpting newbie Courtney, who worries that her brows are too unruly and she wants to learn how to shape them to better suit her face. Anastasia’s tips to tame a full brow:

  • Use a full arch stencil
  • Fill in with brow powder duo in dark brown
  • Use a pro pencil to create strokes of hair
  • Finish with clear brow gel and caramel-tinted brow gel

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We were also excited to give Lisa, a breast cancer survivor, who lost most of her brows due to chemotherapy. some tips to look and feel her best. She is now struggling with brows that have yet to fully grow in. Anastasia’s tips for a fuller look include:

  • Use a petite arch stencil to fill in with medium brown powder duo
  • Use a brow pen to add strokes of hair
  • Finish with clear brow gel and espresso-tinted brow gel

According to Anastasia, “thicker eyebrows are a sign of youth.” Something to keep in mind before you get too aggressive with the tweezers!