Healthier Breasts In 3 Tips

Playing 3 Tips for Healthier Breasts

Breast health and breast cancer awareness is vital and The Doctors have tips from a specialist that has reportedly worked with Angelina Jolie and Sheryl Crow.

Surgical breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk, from the Pink Lotus Breast Center in Beverly Hills, shares three important tips to keep your breasts at their best.

Tip #1: Are You Dense?

Mammogram density is graded from Level 1 to Level 4. “Dense white tissue looks the same as dense white cancer, whereas fat is black. So, the denser your breasts, the higher chance it camouflages cancer behind all that whiteness,” Dr. Funks says, explaining that up to 50 percent of cancers can be missed in denser breasts. She recommends asking your doctor if a contrast mammogram is a better option or possibly a breast MRI.

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Tip #2: Know Your History

Dr. Funk encourages everyone to know your family tree, on both your mom and dad’s side, regarding cancer history. This information is key to trace and track the prevalence of cancer in your family.

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Tip #3: Repeat After Me

Dr. Funk shares her important words to live that can possibly lead to better breast health. “I will exercise. I will not be fat. I will keep it to less than one drink of alcohol per day, to keep breast cancer away,” she says.

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According to statistics from, 1 in 8 American women will develop breast cancer. If caught and treated in Stage 1, survival rates are at approximately 98 percent.