OTC Drugs Before Surgery

Prior to going under the knife, it is essential that your body is prepared to endure the surgery and heal properly. While many may reach for ibuprofen and aspirin, these over-the-counter treatments for aches and pains actually reduce the blood's ability to clot, which can cause excessive bleeding. Because of this, physicians instruct their patients to avoid these pain relievers before a procedure. Doctors also recommend staying away from fizzing antacids before surgery, which can also put you in danger by reducing the bodies blood-clotting ability. Be sure to avoid these medications before an operation, and if you do take them, your doctor needs to know. 

See how ibuprofen, aspirin and antacids affect your blood.If you are considering rhinoplasty, yet using nasal decongestant sprays to alleviate a stuffy or runny nose, be sure to tell your surgeon.