No Surgery Makeup Fake Outs For Lips, Nose & Eyes

Playing How to Fake Fuller Lips, a Smaller Nose and Brighter Eyes with Makeup

The Doctors reveal makeup secrets that can help you look your best without going under the knife!

Celebrity makeup artist Ramy Gafni, author of How to Fake Real Beauty, visits to share tips on no-filler fuller lips, a non-surgery nose job and a fake out eye lift. Check out some of Ramy’s tips below!

For fuller lips:

  • Use a lip pencil that is a little bit deeper than your lip tone
  • Outline, but stay “in the realm of reality” to your natural lip
  • Fill lower lip with highlighter
  • Go over with a clear sparkling gloss
  • Add a touch of highlighter at the center of the top and bottom lip, then blend into the skin

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For the appearance of a better complexion:

  • Use wrinkle relaxing cream on any lines
  • Set with primer
  • Cover lines with concealer that matches your skin tone or go one shade lighter

For a slimmed down nose:

  • Contour the ridges of the nose with an eye shadow powder darker than your complexion 
  • Use the highlighter from cheeks on lower area of the nose to blend
  • The size and shape of your nose will determine where to contour

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For the appearance of bigger eyes:

  • Fill in the eyebrow
  • Use concealer all around the orb of the eye
  • Apply eyeliner on the upper lash line and go lighter on the lower
  • Use mascara only on the upper lashes
  • Add shadow on the crease of eye
  • Apply highlighter across the lid