Dead For 12 Minutes: Man Survives Lightning Strike

Playing Exclusive: Man Dies for 12 Minutes after Being Struck by Lightning

A day at the beach surfing turned into a nightmare for Bob and his daughter Emily when he was struck by lightning. They share their story of survival with The Doctors.

The father and daughter were enjoying the water at Venice Beach like they had many times before on a day that did not seem particularly stormy. The weather quickly became worse and without warning a bolt of lightning ripped through the sky hitting Bob.

“I immediately knew something was wrong. I just grabbed him and was pulling him against the waves. I was just screaming,” Emily tells The Doctors.

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Two bystanders helped Emily bring her dad to the shore and lifeguards quickly came to Bob’s aid.

“I saw his face and it was turning purple. I just thought to myself, don’t let him die,” Emily says of her dad thinking back on their beach nightmare.

Initially, Bob’s fate appeared grim.

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“For all intents and purposes he was dead,” lifeguard Chris says, explaining he was technically dead for 12 minutes on the beach while they performed CPR on him.

Miraculously, Bob survived and joins The Doctors and the lifeguards responsible for saving his life.

Having had a brush with death, Bobs says his take away is “the importance of first responders and learning basic life-saving skills and even just basic CPR.”

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In addition to the lifeguards on the scene, Bob credits his daughter for being alive today.

“She saved my life. I’m very proud of my daughter, without her, her daddy wouldn’t be here,” he adds.

Bob was spared any major complications following the lightning strike, with the exception of the bottoms of his feet feeling numb and tingly at times. He says he still swims about a mile a day at the same beach.

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Using Bob's story as an example, The Doctors stress the importance of everyone knowing CPR. To get more information about taking a class, please visit the American Red Cross website.