Tummy Tone Serum Put to the Test

Playing Tone Your Tummy in Minutes…with a Serum?

Almost everyone is looking to tighten their midsection – but is there a serum that shrinks your waist in just under an hour?

The Doctors and beauty expert Stacy Cox test out Adonia’s Tummy Tone serum that claims it can help reduce and minimize love handles up to 2 inches in only 43 minutes.

The product requires you to first measure your waistline, rub a good amount of the serum into the skin around your waist for 1 minute, then apply a second layer of the serum around the abdominal area. The final step is to wrap your waist in plastic wrap and wait for 43 minutes.

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The Doctors stress there is no quick fix for making your fat cells miraculously disappear, and products like this are possibly able to draw out water weight and temporarily minimize your waist.

“From a physiological point of view, you know you’re not burning fat doing this. You’re probably eliminating some water in that area, and you’re probably getting some temporary skin tightening,” Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says.

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But did the product work for our two participants? Find out if the battle of the bulge was won or lost in the video below!