Plastic Surgery Dos and Donts

Dr. Ordon’s Do’s and Don’ts for Plastic Surgery:


1. Research your doctor
• Does he/she do a lot of these procedures?
• Is he/she a board certified plastic surgeon?
• See his/her results from past procedures.
• Meet with his/her patients
• Confirm that his or her facility is accredited

2. Have realistic goals
• Realize that this is a serious surgery and there could be potential complications

1. Do not rush into it

• Make sure the procedure is right for you
• Clarify your surgery goals
• Ask all of your questions prior to surgery
• Know exactly what you are getting yourself into

2. Don't undergo surgery for the wrong reasons
• Do surgery for yourself [NOT for a boyfriend/husband, or to get a job, etc.]
• Don't expect surgery to change your entire life; do it to make you feel better about yourself

3. Avoid requesting unnatural results/procedures
• Many doctors may be willing to perform a procedure that should not be done on your body simply to make money, or to give you a look that THEY think is right
• Be realistic about the body type you were born with; if you are a petite, five-foot tall woman, be wary of a doctor who believes you should be getting size D implants

4. Cost should not fully determine which surgeon you choose
• It's been said that you get what you pay for with aesthetic surgery

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