Can Mentalists Predict What You’re Thinking?

Playing Mentalist Lior Suchard Amazes Dr. Travis

Mentalist Lior Suchard visits The Doctors to put his alleged abilities to the test – but can he really predict what someone is thinking? See the shocking results and decide for yourself!

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork asks Lior an important question before they begin.

Watch: Mentalist Lior Suchard Performs Mind-Blowing Experiment

“What is the difference from being a mentalist and a psychic or a medium?” Dr. Stork inquires.

“Psychics [and mediums] claim to talk to the dead… a mentalist is basically someone who is very sensitive to how people are thinking. Their body language, their small body gestures, reactions and basically I can analyze people,” he explains.

The mentalist says that he welcomes his skeptics, including The Doctors.

Watch: The Doctors Question Psychic

“You are all doctors, so it’s genuine and they are skeptical people, which I love,” he tells the audience.

According to his website, the acclaimed mentalist will “delve into your innermost thoughts, and know what you are going to say even before you do,” with alleged skills that include “mind reading, thought influencing, predicting and telekinesis.”

Lior's abilities are best seen in action! Check out the video below to find out what shocks family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross and has her proclaiming, “You pulled this one out of the air!”

After seeing the mind-blowing feats Lior performs on stage with The Doctors – are you a believer?