Pole Dancing Classes for Children?

Playing Child Pole Dancing Class?

While we typically associate pole dancing with entertainers at strip clubs, the strenuous exercise has been gaining popularity as a way to tone, shape and burn calories. But is teaching a pole fitness class intended for children as young as 8 years of age acceptable? A new class in Nottinghamshire, England, which has kids climbing and swinging from poles, has some people wondering. 

Opinions on the appropriateness of a pole fitness class for children is split among The Doctors. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says, "It's a great form of exercise, it's gymnastics. It's like being a circus performer." However family practitioner Dr. Rachael Ross disagrees saying, "This is a stretch. I would not want my daughter on a pole, near a pole, to see a pole..." But not all moms agree. 

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Can one simply exercise on a pole without it being sexual? ER physician Dr. Travis Stork believes that the pole is becoming a popular fitness tool and as it evolves, we may even see this becoming a staple in gyms across the country. Dr. Travis also points out that ballerinas use horizontal poles, so why are vertical ones not OK? Dr. Rachael says, "The only place we see poles is in the fire station and in the strip club." But are opinions changing with the growing fitness trend? 

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Dr. Travis recounts when The Doctors tried pole fitness on the show as a very challenging workout and he agrees that it definitely burns a lot of calories while developing great muscle tone. So, is it appropriate for kids? As Dr. Travis says, "to each their own."