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Kathy sought plastic surgeon Dr. Coleman’s help when she says a reconstructive breast surgery left her horribly scarred and disfigured. The cameras go inside the operating room to capture the revolutionary lipostructure procedurehe performed on Kathy. Two weeks after her operation, Kathy sits in the procedure room with Drs. Ordon and Coleman to update them on her recovery. She says that in a short amount of time, she was able to perform routine chores, go shopping and lift her grandchildren. The grandmother is happy to report that her scars have faded dramatically, and she feels vivacious!


Dr. Coleman’s lipostructure technique not only contours your body, but it can take years off your face! Dr. Travis shows before-and-after photos of a patient. Nearly four years after her surgery, she still retains a youthful appearance. Lipostructure can also give your hands a “lift,” Dr. Travis says. He displays a before picture of a gnarled hand. Eight years later, the same hand has maintained its smooth texture with lipostructure.