The Ideal Implant

The Ideal Implant
When considering breast augmentation, there are many decisions to make: Silicone or saline? Above or below the chest muscle? Plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Brenner from the Roxbury Clinic and Surgery Center is involved in FDA clinical trials of a brand new breast implant: the Ideal Implant.

"The Ideal Implant is the newest technology in breast implant surgery in the last 25 years," Dr. Brenner says. "Only about 100 pairs of implants have been put in patients across the country."

What sets the Ideal Implant apart is the difference in material and construction.

"The Ideal Implant has the look and feel of a silicone gel implant, but there's no silicone in the implant," Dr. Brenner explains. "There's a baffling system, which allows you to have saline in multiple compartments, it reduces the rippling that some women get with saline implants."

Dr. Brenner outlines the differences between saline, silicone and Ideal Implants."The Ideal Implant is designed to be, for lack of a better word, a hybrid implant between the two [saline and silicone]."

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