Unexpected Mold in Your Home

Playing 3 Unexpected Places Mold Could Be Growing in Your Home

You’ve heard of mold in your sink, shower and attic – but there are other places it could be growing right now!

Home improvement expert Eric Stromer joins The Doctors to reveal three unexpected places mold could be festering that you might have never even thought of.

The Refrigerator

“People overlook things like the refrigerator. [There’s a] creepy refrigerator gasket… kids touch it with wet hands, with milk on the hands, and a couple of months later, guess what? You get this black mold growing. It’s a nightmare and disgusting,” he explains, referring to the rubber seal on the fridge door.

The Toilet

Eric warns that if the toilet flange or the wax ring (which creates the seal where the toilet attaches to the floor making it waterproof) leaks or breaks, water and sewage could easily leak and cause mold in the floors or walls. A warning sign of this problem could be a rocking motion of the toilet when sitting or any stains or marks in the drywall near the toilet.

“If that goes unattended, and over time it doesn’t dry out, then you get that growth and it becomes a situation where you could potentially have immune system difficulties. Wheezing, watery eyes, symptoms like allergies,” he shares.

The Chimney

If you do not have a spark arrester, which prevents the embers from escaping the fireplace, there could be the possibility of growing mold. The spark arrester also acts as a cover to prevent moisture from continually bombarding your chimney bricks, as well as keeping pests from getting in. If your home does not currently have a spark arrester, it could be worth the investment.

Luckily, mold can usually be handled with many products you probably already have in your home. Things needed to fight mold in your home:

  • Detergent and water
  • Vinegar and water
  • Bleach and water
  • An abrasive sponge
  • A paper mask to wear while cleaning

Eric warns that people with suppressed immune symptoms are more susceptible to mold.