Superbug to Top Cancer Deaths by 2050?

Playing New Killer to Top Cancer by 2050?

By the year 2050, we could be facing a health crisis far worse than cancer, known as a superbug.

According to a report from the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, deaths from “nightmare bacteria” could easily reach 10 million.

These powerful and ever-evolving bugs pose a serious threat. The Doctors looks into the bacteria that:

  • Is resistant to nearly all antibiotics
  • Has high mortality rates
  • Can spread its resistance to other bacteria

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork points to our dependency on antibiotics as a possible reason for the problem.

“I’m so sick and tired of the over-use of antibiotics in this country. The CDC just came out saying well over half of the antibiotic prescriptions are either unnecessary or actually the wrong thing to do in most cases when they are given out in this country,” he says.

Adding, “We’re not investing research into antibiotics because there isn’t money to be made in it… we have a big problem in this country and it drives me bonkers.”

Family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross breaks down how these superbugs are able to spawn.

“Every antibiotic is specific to certain types of bacteria. But the bacteria gets so smart because we’re taking antibiotics so much that now they’re not working… our antibiotics are not working anymore,” she explains. “The bacteria has outsmarted the antibiotics that are available, we can’t treat patients adequately… and it’s because antibiotics are flooding the community… so what is happening now is they’re not working.”

Dr. Stork lays some of the blame on the medical community, saying, “We have convinced the population that when they have a cold, they need antibiotics,” which he points out is often not the case.

So how can we possibly avoid or lessen the chances of nightmare bacteria wreaking havoc on us? The Doctors share ways to combat this:

  • Cut back on antibiotic use
  • Ask your healthcare provider if you really need antibiotics before taking
  • Educate yourself on how damaging they can be when taken if not needed