Last Minute Procedures

Do you need a quick fix to look your best for a big event? Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon shares last-minute procedures that can help you perfect your appearance.

Deborah wants to wear a flirty, strapless dress for her 40th birthday, but doesn't like the small pockets of armpit fat that bulge out.
Dr. Ordon demonstrates how to get rid of excess skin,
or what he calls
"corset overspill."

• Learn how the corset overspill procedure
is performed.
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Laura is getting married and wants to look her best for the big day. She has Artefill, a long-lasting wrinkle filler,
injected into her
nasal labial lines






Cerissa thinks she always looks like she's frowning and wants to improve her smile for her upcoming high school reunion. See how the
Mona Lisa Smile procedure
can turn her frown

upside down.


• Learn the benefits of the Mona Lisa Smile
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