Total Body Lift

Total Body Lift

Twenty-seven-year-old Amanda weighed a precarious 400 pounds and teetered on the brink of medical crisis. Desperate, she turned to gastric by-pass surgery and lost 180 pounds. However, she was haunted by the physical remnants of her efforts: pounds and pounds of loose flesh hanging from her body. She turned to The Doctors and expert surgeon and pioneer of the Total Body Lift procedure, Dr. Dennis Hurwitz, for help.

 The complex surgery requires five doctors and lasts eight hours. In the end, 15 pounds of excess fat and skin is removed from five different parts of Amanda’s body: abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs and breasts. Dr. Hurwitz demonstrates the procedure on a mannequin onstage and narrates an animation of the process.

 Dr. Ordon scrubbed in on the surgery and noted, “We removed one square yard of skin … It was truly epic stuff.”

 Update: Amanda says the swelling from the surgery is getting better, and she is feeling much more confident. “I project it, and people respond to that,” she says. “I haven’t really noticed people noticing my body so much, although my boyfriend says people hit on me more."

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