Hidden Sugars in Food

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Hidden Sugars in Food: The Full List

Agave nectar              Evaporated cane juice              Maltodextrin
Barbados sugar              Florida crystals              Maltose
Barley malt              Free-flowing brown sugar              Mannitol
Beet sugar              Fructose              Maple syrup
Blackstrap molasses              Fruit juice              Molasses
Brown sugar              Fruit juice concentrate              Muscovado sugar
Cane crystals              Galactose              Organic raw sugar
Cane juice crystals              Glucose              Panocha
Cane sugar              Glucose solids              Powdered sugar
Caramel              Golden sugar              Raw sugar
Carob sugar              Golden syrup              Refiner's syrup
Castor sugar              Granulated sugar              Rice syrup
Confectioner's sugar              Grape juice concentrate              Sorbitol
Corn sweetener              Grape sugar              Sorghum syrup
Corn syrup              HFCS              Sucrose
Corn syrup solids              High-fructose corn syrup              Sugar
Crystalline fructose              Honey              Table sugar
Date sugar              Icing sugar              Treacle
Demerara sugar              Invert sugar              Turbinado sugar
Dextrose              Lactose              Yellow sugar
D-mannose              Malt syrup             

Source: Why Diets Fail by Dr. Nicole Avena