“American Idol” Star Heather Cox Coe Undergoes Life-Saving Brain Surgery

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Playing Former “American Idol” Contestant Diagnosed with Devastating Tumor

Heather Cox Coe stole America’s hearts with her dazzling singing voice on season 5 of the hit TV show “American Idol.” But behind the stunning performances, Heather hid a painful secret. For years, the mother of three had been experiencing daily headaches, migraines, nausea, and occasional epileptic seizures. She visited several doctors before finally receiving a diagnosis: Heather had a large, pineal gland tumor in the center of her brain. Her doctor said it was inoperable.

Determined not to leave her children without a mother, Heather researched other doctors until she found brain surgeon Hrayr Shahinian, director of the Skull Base Institute. Dr. Shahinian reviewed her case and determined that he and his team could remove the tumor using an endoscopic, “keyhole” procedure using fiber optic technology.

Heather, her husband, Curtis, and Dr. Shahinian join The Doctors to discuss the complicated surgery. Plus, Heather and Curtis have a surprising announcement to share! 

Watch as Heather belts out her song “Letter from God” live on The Doctors’ stage!