Woman Almost Dies from Disastrous Tummy Tuck Procedure

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Playing Woman Shares Her Tummy Tuck Nightmare

Sherri, a mother of five, began researching plastic surgery in other countries after she heard that procedures were significantly less expensive abroad. She says she wanted to get rid of the saggy skin on her abdomen that dieting and exercising couldn't diminish. She decided on a medical center in Mexico and traveled there to undergo a tummy tuck procedure.

The procedure went well, she says, and she felt satisfied with the results. However, she says when she arrived at the after-care center to begin her recovery, everything took a sudden turn for the worse. 

"The pain was excruciating," Sherri recalls. "I couldn't walk; I couldn't move."

Sherri says she became very weak and the wound became increasingly painful. When she finally gained the strength to return home, she immediately had to be rushed to the emergency room. As she lay in bed, the wound had begun to open and leak fluid. Surgeons discovered that the wound had become severely infected with staph bacteria, and necrosis was starting to spread among the tissue. The emergency physician told her if she had waited any longer to come in, she would have died. 

Sherri says she spent several months with a wound vac covering the open area on her abdomen. When she finally healed completely, she was left with a daily reminder of her harrowing ordeal: a disfiguring scar across her abdomen.

Sherri reached out to The Doctors to see if anything could be done to repair the damage to her body. She met with plastic surgeon Andrew Ordon for a consultation.

Hear what Dr. Ordon says about Sherri's condition and his recommendations for her going forward: