Dermatologist's Top Tips for Patients

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Playing Dermatologist Spills On the Biggest Errors Made by Patients

Are you unknowingly harming your health?! Dermatologist Sandra Lee shares the top 5 behaviors she wishes her patients would stop doing.

1. Don't forget the name of any medication you're using. If necessary, take a picture of the bottle to take with you to the doctor's office. It's extremely important for doctors to be aware of any medications you're taking to accurately diagnose and treat any health complications.

2. Don't expect an overnight fix. Many treatments take time to be effective. So be patient, and plan ahead.

3. Don't say you're wearing sunscreen if it's just in your makeup. Dr. Lee says the sunscreen included in most makeup is inferior to traditional, stand alone sunscreen lotions. For the best protection for your skin, Dr. Lee recommends wearing a true sunscreen underneath your makeup. And just like lipstick, don't forget to reapply!

4. Don't stay up all night researching your condition on the Internet. The web is filled with terrifying stories of extreme forms of conditions that likely don't apply to you and unverified alternative treatment options that might actually harm you. For information you can trust, stick to reputable sites like or

5. Stop picking at your acne! Dr. Lee warns that although it's tempting to pick at your skin, this can create permanent scarring or even long-term darkness or redness to the area. Picking also can increase your risk for infection.