Mysterious Disfiguring Skin Condition Forces Woman to Become Recluse

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Playing Woman’s Devastating Skin Condition Causes Her to Become Recluse

Three years ago, Cari says she noticed a small cyst in her nose, which quickly spread across her face, creating large open sores. Her primary physician prescribed anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medications to help reduce the swelling and keep the infection from spreading further. Although the sores eventually healed, Cari says the infection reoccurs every 3-6 months, and she has become so embarrassed by the disfiguring sores that she finds it difficult to even leave her home.

Cari says she has seen nine different dermatologists since her first outbreak, and none has been able to give her a definite diagnosis. The Doctors sends her to dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra for a consultation.

After conducting several tests and biopsies of Cari’s skin, Dr. Batra finally discovers the underlying cause of her disfiguring condition. Watch as Dr. Batra gives Cari her diagnosis, and hear what she recommends for treatment: