Makeup Tips to Beautify On a Budget

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Playing Makeup Tips to Beautify On a Budget

Want a slimmer nose or plumper lips but don't want to spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery? Makeup artist Stephanie Navarro has a solution for you! Follow her simple makeup tips below to get the look you desire in just minutes!

Problem Area No. 1: Nose 
For a slimmer-looking nose, follow these simple steps:

  • Take a darker contouring cream (3 shades darker than your skin) and apply it to the sides of your nose.
  • Next, take a highlighter (three shades lighter) and apply it down the center of your nose. Blend with a sponge by stippling the makeup. 
  • Powder with translucent powder.
  • For extra effect and more of a glam look, take a shimmery highlighting powder and apply it down the center of your nose to the tip.

Problem Area No. 2: Lips
To achieve a cupid's bow and plumper lips, follow these simple steps:

  • Using a concealer 3 shades lighter than your skin, highlight your cupid's bow area and the center of your lips.
  • Use a lip liner a few shades deeper and overdraw your lips just in the cupid's bow area. Finish with a gloss to attract the light.

Problem Area No. 3: Eyes
To get a larger, lifted eye look, follow these simple steps:

  • Start with a look at the brows — go to a professional who will find your natural shape. This makes a big difference if your brows are on the fuller side.
  • Apply your eye shadow in an upward lifted shape, take a cotton swap to perfect the line on the outer edges of your eyes.
  • Use a brightening concealer and highlighters on the brow bone and inner corners.
  • Line the top and bottom (under the lashes). This makes them instantly bigger because you’re making a frame around your eyes. Make your lashes huge, if liner is not your thing.

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