Fathers Face Off Over Gender-Appropriate Toys

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Playing Should Children Be Able to Choose the Toys They Play With?

A father who posted a video that went viral of him showing support for his son who chose a mermaid doll at the toy store comes face-to-face with a father who posted a critical video in response.

In the video Mikki posted, he holds the mermaid doll and asks, "Now what do you think a dad feels when his son wants to get this?" His son yells, "Yeah!" with a big grin on his face. His father echoes, exclaiming, "Yeah!"

In response, Joshua posted a video with his three children, saying, "Really? Since when do kids make good choices? We live in a society that thinks that kids are supposed to make choices like that, and that we're not supposed to choose for them. We're supposed to let them express themselves. Seriously?"

Joshua continues, saying, "So me? I train up a boy by teaching him how to use a firearm. Since you want to be gender-neutral, guess who else I'm training to use a gun? My daughters." The video shows Joshua holding a gun and then his son firing it.

See both viral videos in the clip above and hear Mikki's reaction to Joshua's video.

Then, hear what the fathers have to say when they come face to face.

Guest doctor psychotherapist Mike Dow says he supports allowing children to choose gender-neutral toys and play with toys perceived to be designed for the opposite sex.

"I know that if we can nurture children for who they are, they will find their own paths," he says.

Dr. Travis, says, "As a parent, you do shape your children, but there's a big difference between telling your children to stay away from drugs, don't drink and drive, and picking out a mermaid doll."

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