Pharmacist Shares Money-Saving Secrets

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Playing Pharmacist Shares Money-Saving Secrets

About 70 percent of Americans take at least one prescription drug, and more than half take two or more. Pharmacist Mona Vand shares three tips for saving money on medications.

Cut Pills in Half

  • Many drugs have the same cost at different strengths. If you don't have insurance and have to pay out of pocket, ask your doctor to prescribe double the strength of your medication, and you can cut the dose in half.
  • This would then cut your costs in half.
  • You should not cut extended release pills in half, because it will reduce the effectiveness.

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Ask Your Doctor To Write a Prescription for OTC Medicines

  • A lot of insurance companies will pay for over-the-counter drugs, sometimes with no copay.
  • This is especially true for medical items, such as diabetic test strips, which can be expensive over the counter, but if submitted through your insurance could be a $5 to $10 copay.

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Switch from Newer Medications 

  • Doctors often prescribe a newer version of a medication, because drug representatives introduce it and give them samples.
  • Insurance companies are less likely to cover these newer medications, and in most cases, the older version is just as effective.
  • Older medications have more data and a longer safety track record.