Routine Stop Turns into Brutal Attack

On a warm summer’s day, young couple Jessica and Jared decided to go swimming for a few hours. On their way home, they stopped at a gas station to fill up. They never could have anticipated what happened next.

Jessica says that while Jared went inside to pay for the gas, a group of men standing around the station began making sexually suggestive comments to her. When Jared returned, he told the men to leave his girlfriend alone. In response, the men attacked him. A struggle ensued and Jessica began screaming for the men to stop. When Jared broke away and hopped into the car, one of the cat-callers picked up a piece of broken pipe from the ground and threw it at the couple. The pipe hit Jessica in the face, severing her upper lip and knocking out eight of her teeth.

See the shocking security footage of the attack below:

Jessica says she was in disbelief that people could be so evil.

“The physical damage is really hard, but the emotional damage is really extreme,” she explains to The Doctors. She adds that the traumatic event has made her become more cautious about where she goes and what she wears.

“You know this came out of nowhere,” OB-GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson says. “It’s not your fault at all. It should have nothing to do with what you’re wearing.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says that although Jessica has healed well, the extensive damage to her lip and dental structures could be difficult to correct.

Watch as Jessica visits cosmetic dentist Dr. Kourosh Maddahi and oral surgeon Dr. Parvaz Mizrahi for a consultation. Find out what obstacles might keep Jessica from getting her smile back.

Dr. Maddahi and Dr. Mizrahi offer to perform the corrective surgeries for Jessica, free of charge, under one condition: She must quit smoking immediately. Dr. Ordon adds that once she has healed from the dental surgeries, he will perform the corrective surgery for her lip, also free of charge.