Can Surgery End 15 Years of Chronic Pain?

Blair, 33, was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was in seventh grade after a routine spine test at school. She underwent a minimally invasive corrective surgery four years later, during which a titanium rod was inserted into her back to help straighten her spine. Unfortunately, the rod eventually snapped, causing her to suffer severe, chronic pain. She says she has lived with the pain for 15 years and wants to find a solution.

Watch as Blair visits orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Hooman Melamed for a consultation. Find out what Dr. Melamed discovers that leaves Blair stunned:

Blair says she’s very concerned about whether she’ll be able to have children. She says she fears her body will not be able to handle the extra weight of a baby.

“I’ve been in back pain for so long that I just can’t imagine it being fixed,” she says through tears.

Watch as Dr. Melamed reveals the results of Blair’s consultation. Is there hope for an end to her pain?