Amanda Peterson's Family Shares Their Photos

The Doctors exclusive: View the family photos of "Can't Buy Me Love" actress Amanda Peterson, who died July 3 from an accidental drug overdose.

Amanda Peterson was the youngest child of Dr. James Peterson and Sylvia Peterson.

Amanda's brother, Jim, told producers she had a tender heart and loved all animals.

Amanda and Jim pet their dog.

Sylvia and James pose with their three children, Jim, Amanda and Ann-Marie.

After seeing a national touring production of Annie in Denver, Amanda announced, "That's what I want to do!" A few months later, director John Huston launched a nationwide search for children to play the role of orphans. Amanda begged her parents to audition. She was cast immediately.

Amanda worked steadily as a child actress but always went home to her roots in Colorado.

The 1987 box office hit "Can't Buy Me Love" made Amanda a star.

Amanda kisses her mom goodbye at the airport before traveling to Chile for a role with her sister in the post-apocalyptic movie "The Lawless Land."

Amanda died July 3, days before her 44th birthday, of an accidental morphine overdose.