Quiet a Colicky Baby

Cayla says her infant, Amryn, cries excessively, and no matter what she and her husband try, it doesn’t seem to help.

“We bounce her, we shush her, we rock her; she’s inconsolable,” Cayla says.

A baby who has colic cries more than three hours a day, three days a week for three weeks in a row. It affects as many as 25 percent of babies and starts a few weeks after birth, but should improve by three months.

Tips to reduce crying:

  • Beach ball rolls: Drape your baby’s tummy over a large beach ball and gently roll in a circular motion.
  • Baby bends to reduce gas: Lay baby face-up on lap with legs toward you, head resting on your knees. Then, pump legs up and down in a bicycling motion. 
  • Colic curl: Place baby’s head and back against your chest. Encircle your arms under his or her bottom, then curl your arms up. 
  • Give your baby a warm bath.
  • Magic mirror: Occupy your baby with his or her own reflection. 
  • Baby-wearing: Carry your baby for several hours a day before he or she gets cranky.

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