Woman Obsessed with Becoming Human "Barbie"

A 38-year-old California woman says, in an effort to look like Barbie, she has endured multiple procedures, including five breast enhancements surgeries, chin liposuction and lip fillers. Now, she says she’s undergoing hypnotherapy so she can become “brainless” and “vacant,” like a doll.

"When I was a teenager, I wanted to mirror my life towards my Barbie," Blondie Bennett confides.

Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser joins The Doctors to discuss what might be at the root of Blondie’s desire to transform herself.

Find out why Blondie says she "doesn't like being human and "just wants to be the ultimate Barbie. "

Blondie tells The Doctors she's undergoing hypnotherapy so she can be happy. Hear their advice.