Alternative Therapy for Brain Injury

Fitness and nutrition expert JJ Virgin joins The Doctors to discuss the heartbreaking ordeal her family underwent when her teenage son, Grant, was hit by a car. Following the accident, which left Grant with a torn aorta, skull fractures, bleeding in the brain, and several bone and spine fractures, doctors kept him in a coma and offered a grim prognosis. Not willing to give up on her son, JJ and her husband, John, began researching alternative therapies for brain injuries.

“As parents, we’re all the same — you don’t give up. I looked and I went, ‘not on my watch,’” JJ says.

After reading about another child who had used fish oil to come out of coma, JJ began administering low doses of the supplement to Grant. She credits the use of this common over-the-counter supplement, in addition to stem cell and hyperbaric treatments, with her son’s miraculous recovery.

The Virgin family describes the harrowing events of Grant’s accident and his slow recovery. 

The Doctors discuss the pros and cons of using fish oil for injuries such as Grant’s. 

“What needs to happen now [are] formal studies to find out, if this helps, what is the correct dose?” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says. He warns that some people may experience side effects from fish oil, including an increased risk of bleeding, so communicating with your doctor prior to starting any alternative treatment regimen is essential.