Woman Learns How to Manage Diabetes

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Playing Health Educator Learns to Manage Her Type 2 Diabetes

Cate was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes after her son was born. During her first appearance on The Doctors , Cate, who is a health educator, said she sometimes feels depressed and is ashamed to admit that she has the illness.

She visited internist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez to learn how to manage diabetes in a more natural way.

Dr. Rodriguez found Cate’s blood glucose level was so high that it could damage her organs, cause renal and vision problems and lead to heart issues. He offered to guide her through the three-pronged plan outlined in his book, The Diabetes Solution. The approach includes learning how the illness affects your body, eating a high-fiber diet and exercising every day.

Five months later, Cate returns to The Doctors with Dr. Rodriquez to give an update on how she is feeling. Cate has lost about 23 pounds; her blood glucose level has dropped; and she has been able to reduce the dosage of her diabetes medication 75 percent.

“I feel like I just look so much healthier,” Cate says. “I have a glow about me.”

“I just feel like I’ve become more alive,” she adds. “I feel things more intensely. I taste food better. I think more clearly.”

Dr. Rodriguez says Cate learned that she didn’t have to deprive herself in order to lose weight and feel better.

“She is probably eating more now, but of the correct things on a regular basis,” he says. 

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