Summer Skin Secrets

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Playing Summer Skin Secrets

Skin specialist to the stars Christie Kidd reveals common beauty blunders and shares some of her top summer skin secrets to protect your skin from the sun and treat acne flare-ups:

"People wash too rough," Christie says. "They are using the rotating brushes. They’re using rough sponges, and really all that’s doing is aggravating the inflammatory lesions, which are your pimples. So you think you’re scrubbing it off, and for a second you feel better, but the reality is you are making it worse."

How to Treat Acne

  • Use a good cleanser, a topical solution to reduce oil and bacteria and a serum to reduce scarring.
  • Wash your face at least twice a day. Rinsing well is key.
  • Don’t use anything that is abrasive, such as a rotating brush or towel. Wash really well with only your hands.
  • Apply acne cleanser in the shower after you’ve washed and conditioned your hair to rinse off residue.

How to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

  • Check the expiration date on your sunblock. The average shelf life is a year or two.
  • Apply sunblock at home before you put on your bathing suit. Don't skimp!
  • Reapplication of sunblock is key to avoiding sunburn. If you are in the direct sun, reapply every hour.

What Treatments to Avoid During the Summer

  • Harsh exfoliation: If you remove the outer layer of skin, you are more likely to burn.
  • Photo facials: It's a light-based therapy, and you should stay out of the sun for at least a week after the treatment.
  • Laser hair removal: If you're really tan, the laser can't differentiate between your brown sun spots and your brown skin, and it will burn everything.

"I usually start to prep my patients starting around fall, I say, 'Hey, you know the summer is coming, if you wanted to get that photo facial or get your leg veins done or start your laser hair removal, you really should start thinking about it now, so you're perfect once summer hits.'"