Husband and Wife Reveal New Smiles

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Playing Husband and Wife Reveal New Smiles

When Mariane and Brad got married, they didn’t take a single photograph, because neither wanted to have to smile and show their teeth.

Both husband and wife were missing teeth after years of dental neglect.

During their first appearance on The Doctors, Mariane and Brad visited cosmetic dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman for exams. He later surprised them by offering to provide the needed dental work for free.

Dr. Dorfman aligns Mariane’s lower teeth, puts crowns on her upper teeth and fits her with partial dentures. He gives Brad a new bridge for his upper teeth and new partial dentures.

Brad and Mariane see each other’s new smiles for the first time on The Doctors’ stage.

“You look so beautiful!” Mariane says to her husband.

The Doctors surprise Mariane and Brad by revealing that Rebekah Meredith Photography has offered to provide a family photo shoot for free, so the couple finally has photos of themselves and their new smiles.