Detecting Heart Disease

The Heart Smart IMT Plus carotid artery ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that provides early detection of heart disease, which affects an estimated 80 million Americans and is the leading killer of both men and women.

Dr. Darren F.X. Clair, medical director of Vibrance Health Services, explains that the carotid arteries, which run on both sides of the neck and supply blood to the brain, provide an effective evaluation of the cardiovascular system.

The Heart Smart IMT Plus ultrasound measures intima media thickness (IMT) of the carotid artery wall. The thicker the intima media, the greater the chance of atherosclerosis, the hardening of the artery walls due to a buildup of plaque. The more hardened and clogged the arteries, the greater the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The ultrasound provides safe, immediate and unprecedented results. “I can know with a 95 percent certainty if you have any plaque building up in your heart, what type it is and how severe it is,” Dr. Clair says.

Dr. Clair says that cardiologists agree that soft plaque may be more dangerous than hard plaque. Soft plaque is more likely to dislodge from an artery wall and float through the blood stream, only to lodge elsewhere in the body and cause a blood clot. Hard plaque stays firmly in place, blocking the artery and restricting arterial blood flow.

Dr. Clair performs the Heart Smart IMT Plus ultrasound on Brigitta and demonstrates how doctors asses the health of the artery. Find out where you can get the HeartSmart IMT Plus test!

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