Tips for Choosing a Flattering Swimsuit

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Playing Tips for Choosing a Flattering Swimsuit

Celebrity stylist Lindsay Albanese shares tips for selecting swimsuits that flatter your figure.


Don’t: Wear a plain T-shirt as a coverup. You might feel secure with a T-shirt on, but as soon as it gets wet, it can cling to you, calling attention to all the wrong places.

Featured black bikini courtesy of SwimSpot.

Choose an oversized, lightweight button-up shirt. The vertical lines draw the eye up and down instead of side to side, and the looseness of the shirt contrasts with the tightness of the bathing suit.


Wear a tankini. It can cut you off at the biggest part of your belly.

Featured floral swim dress courtesy of Unique Vintage.

Choose a swim dress. Swim dresses are a fit-and-flare style, so it fits at the smallest part of your waist and flares over your hips and skims the thigh. It elongates the body, rather than cutting it off.



Don't go chasing waterfall, tiered or ruffled one-piece styles. While they conceal rolls, they add a lot of volume, creating a wide 360-degree view.

Featured purple ruched swimsuit courtesy of Kohl's.

Choose a suit with strategic rushing, pleating or gathering, which cinches the waist while still concealing small bumps and folds in the skin.


More dos:

  • Choose suits with contrasting colors and panels. Dark panels can minimize bigger areas while light panels can highlight your best assets.
  • Choose suits with shape across the butt area. While you might think covering up with more fabric is best, the extra fabric can make you look bigger. Choose a narrow, but not skimpy, cut.
  • Choose suits with vertical lines, which draw the eye up and down and not side to side.