Take The Doctors' 30-Day Kissing Challenge

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Have you lost that loving feeling? Can something as simple as a kiss bring it back?

Dr. Shirley Zussman, a 100-year-old sex therapist, says people often are so frantically busy they don’t set aside time for sex or for stimulating desire. She says that while you might not think you have time to have sex, you can always make time for kissing, and that can help trigger desire and possibly lead to becoming more sexually involved. If you make time for kissing, you could start a spark that ends in fire. But, if you don’t make time for kissing, the fire will never start.

Dr. Zussman shares some tips for keeping the desire burning in your relationship:

  • Set aside some time and see what happens! Try to put yourself in a place, position or situation where you can be alone and uninterrupted. See where it takes you! It doesn’t have to be in bed.
  • Make a date and "court" each other. Take it wherever it goes!
  • See your partner off when you’re leaving for work in the morning. Allow the opportunity for a kiss by walking to the door together.
  • People get bored, and they have less sexual desire as they get older. Talk with your partner about how you feel and why.
  • Know how your partner feels about kissing. Sometimes one person complains that their partner doesn’t kiss in a way that’s pleasurable for them. Talk about why kissing is absent or not enjoyable.
  • If you’re sad because the desire is not there, you have to talk about it and find out what’s getting in the way. Not being interested is one of the major problems people bring to a sex therapist.

Take The Doctors’ 30-day Kissing Challenge! Kiss your partner on the lips every day for 30 days. Use #kissme30 to tell us how it affects your relationship. The Doctors hope it will help rekindle the spark that brought you together in the first place!