Fix for Woman's Bungled Breast Augmentation

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Playing Surgery to Repair Botched Breast Augmentation

When Michelle first appeared on The Doctors in December 2014, she shared how 10 years after undergoing breast enhancement surgery to boost her B-cups to DDs, one of her saline implants ruptured. Although she had the implant repaired, scar tissue apparently formed around the device and caused it to rupture again three years later. Embarrassed by her uneven breasts, she reached out to plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon for help.

Dr. Ordon examined Michelle and determined she was a good candidate for reconstructive surgery, and he offered to perform the procedure for her free of charge.

In the OR, Dr. Ordon and his partner, plastic surgeon Dr. Ritu Chopra, scrub in and get to work repairing the damage from Michelle’s previous surgeries. Dr. Ordon notes that there is significantly more scar tissue than he had anticipated, but the surgeons are able to successfully remove the tissue and the saline implants and replace them with silicone implants, which are less likely to burst.

See how Michelle is doing after surgery:


"This is something I'll never forget," Michelle says. "My whole life is different."