3 Warning Signs You May Be Sleeping with a Killer!

Playing Warning Signs You’re Sleeping with a Killer

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

“Chris Watts Brutally Strangles His Pregnant Wife and Two Daughters,” is just one of many recent disturbing headlines about marital murder! While overall rates of killing one’s partner are down since the 1970s, females make up 70% of the victims. Clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Judy Ho joins The Doctors to break down the warning signs that your partner may be dangerous. 

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Warning Sign #1: A History of Previous Domestic Violence
Dr. Judy says research has shown that 36% of people who attempted or did murder their female partners in the past did have a restraining order, had been arrested or even convicted of a violent crime. 

Warning Sign #2: A History of Substance Abuse 
This is a red flag, especially if this includes a history of being violent or mean when high or drunk. Dr. Judy shares that 50% of people who are convicted of murder were intoxicated at the time of the crime. Out of the 50%, 36% of them only used alcohol, there were no other drugs in their system. If your partner tends to get angry when they’re disinhibited, that’s a huge risk.

Warning Sign #3: Extreme Jealousy
This is the type of jealousy which is combined with feelings of possessiveness. Individuals like this, oftentimes, will threaten to hurt somebody if they are stepping out of line but then will back up. They also often hold traditional patriarchal views. They believe if you’ve infringed upon them then they deserve revenge on you. A 2013 study found some of these killers believed when their family disappointed them, they deserved something in return for that.

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Let’s not forget the women who are attracted to murderers, like Chris Watts. He has been receiving love letters! Dr. Judy says some girls are attracted to bad boys, and this is obviously going too far. “Now we have so much profiling of these big cases they’re kind of celebrities in their own right. Females become attracted to them. They’re fans,” she explains. Additionally, Dr. Judy says these women want to be the ones to change him. They think, “I know there is love in his heart, I’m going to be the person to bring him back up.” A lot of these women do have histories of abusive relationships in their past so they tend to be are attracted to men who will abuse them again.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry wants to know, “Do men change or are they doomed to be repeat offenders?” That, however, is a discussion for another show! 

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