3 Tips to Reduce Your Carb Cravings!

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We all crave carbs now and then, but nutritionist Keri Glassman shares some ways to cut down on your cravings for carbs that tend to cause blood sugar spikes with 3 easy tips. 

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Keri shares to set yourself up for success with a healthy breakfast, one that’s loaded with protein, fiber, and healthy fat. When you consume a breakfast with protein in it, you are less likely to over-consume more calories later in the day – and, you guessed it, crave carbohydrates. The fiber is going to help you stay full and also help control your blood sugar. Keri recommends scrambled eggs with avocado and tomato slices, and hardboiled eggs with berries, which are two of her favorite ways to start the day.

Don’t Skip Carbs Altogether

Keri recommends enjoying carbs, but get rid of the refined processed carbs in your diet like white bread, rice, and pasta. Keri shares to eat carbs that give you other nutrients as well, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and plain yogurt. These foods will not give you a blood sugar spike.

Get Creative

If you’re used to enjoying white rice with your meal, get creative and swap in some different items that you haven’t tried before. Try spaghetti squash noodles instead of your normal pasta, and swap your potatoes for beans. Make sure you are getting your carbs from places that are good for your overall health and that include fiber and nutrients to help control your blood sugar.

Keri stresses that you don’t need to get rid of carbs altogether – but do choose ones that are going to satisfy you! 

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