3 Tips for Healthy Credit from an Expert!

Playing Is Good Credit Tied to Good Health?

Jeanne Kelly, credit coach and author of “The Credit Makeover,” joins The Doctors via Skype to share three tips on how to have healthy credit you can feel good about. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork tells viewers to pay attention to these tips because doing so may make you healthier! From a health perspective, financial stress is one of the greatest stressors. Those who are highly stressed are 65% more likely to feel or be in pain. Ready?

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Tip #1: Check Your Credit Report
Jeanne says people are often afraid to do so but once it’s done, you can start feeling better and putting a plan together. She has been working in the industry for over 20 years and says she has never seen a credit report without a mistake on it! It’s important to find any mistakes that may be on your report and get them removed so that they don’t negatively affect you. 

Tip #2: Have an Emergency Fund
Save your money! If an emergency occurs and you have to rely on credit cards, you are racking up a balance as well as high-interest rates. The key with credit cards is to keep your balance low and to not have to use them for emergencies. Jeanne shares she read a survey that 46% of Americans don’t have even $400 saved for an emergency. That’s not good! She says to begin with trying to get at least $1,000 in savings. Ideally, she says, you’ll be good if you can cover yourself for six months.

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Tip #3: Build Your Credit
Credit cards are those tools to get you to the big picture! She says her clients who are aiming for credit scores in the 800s pay their balances down. If you keep balances low, she says the magic number is 7% or less of what is available to you, you’ll see your scores go up!

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