3 Exercises for Toned Arms without Lifting Weights

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Playing Sculpted Arms at Home in Just 5 Minutes

One of the most common questions health and fitness coach Stephanie Mansour gets from women clients is whether or not lifting weights is going to make their arms bulk up. She understands because she shares that if she lifts more than 8 pound weights she has found that she personally feels too bulky. Because of this, Stephanie recommends that women start with light weights or just using your own body weight. 

She shares three moves that anyone can do and takes just 5 minutes, and adds that it's necessary to strength train in order to get toned arms and has the added benefits of speeding up your metabolism, helps with fat loss, and it strengthens your bones. She shares that if you're struggling with weight loss, you will want to add cardio into the mix as well. 

Modified wall push up 

Stephanie starts by demonstrating a modified wall push up for The Doctors, which works to tone your biceps, triceps, upper back and your chest.

She shares to go up to the wall and place your hands wider than your chest at shoulder height, walk your feet back a few feet and lower down towards the wall and press back. She says to give the wall a kiss! She shares to do 10 reps and then move on to the next exercise in this circuit.

Tricep dips with a chair 

Hate the jiggle? Stephanie shares that this is the exercise that is going to tighten and tone the back of your arms. Grab a chair or sit on your couch. Place your palms down on the edge of the seat, walk your feet forward so your knees are over your ankles, lower down and press your elbows back and exhale to press back up. She shares that you want to feel the burn in the back of your arms as you do 10 reps.

Arm and shoulder press

Last but not least, Stephanie provides a move you can truly do anywhere. Stand up tall with your shoulders back and press your arms back like you are giving someone a high-five behind you, then come back to center. This move will improve your posture by working your upper back, your shoulders and your arms. Plus, she shares this move just might make you feel more confident.

Repeat these exercises until your 5 minutes are up. Considering a procedure to help tighten your arms? Watch as Dr. Gabbay battles batwings.