3 Causes of Male Infertility You May Not Know!

Playing Male Infertility: The Surprising Causes

You may be aware of the lifestyle factors that can affect male fertility like smoking, alcohol use, and obesity, but the director of the Center for Male Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Philip Werthman, has three more that may surprise you. 

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#1: Varicocele 
This is a varicose vein very commonly in men to be wrapped around their testicles. About 20% of young men who go into the army have this diagnosed during their induction physical exams. It's also the most common cause of secondary infertility. Secondary infertility is when couples are able to easily conceive for their first child but have problems as they get older. Eighty-percent of men who have secondary infertility have this varicocele. The good news is, in half of the couples who have it repaired, they will be able to conceive naturally within the course of a year.

#2: Infection
The most preventable cause of infertility is an infection in the reproductive tract. This can be something like an STD or a prostate infection. Over the course of a man's lifetime, there is a 25% chance he will develop inflammation or infection in the prostate. The tubes are tiny and infection or inflammation can cause a blockage, preventing sperm from coming out.

When someone has an infection, especially chronic untreated, the body's immune system tries to fight off the infection and the sperms are the bystanders in that battle. Chronic inflammation could cause scar tissues that narrow down those tubes.

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#3: Taking Testosterone
The testosterone replacement and the antiaging market is booming right now, it's a multi-million dollar business. Men will take this to feel more energy but what they don't realize is it shuts down the body's sperm production. Taking testosterone, "You have more energy but you go bald and you fire blanks. Less than ideal," says Dr. Werthman.

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