Man Seeks Relief for Hip and Knee Pain

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Playing Man Seeks Relief for Hip and Knee Pain

Dave calls himself a “walking disaster.”

The 33-year-old was involved in a motorcycle accident almost five years ago. He broke his ribs, crushed his hand and suffered trauma to his knee and hip.

In addition, he has broken his left ankle, his right ankle twice, both arms and torn his ACL. Dave attributes some of his injuries to poor eyesight and says he suffers from migraines.

“My knee and my hip have gotten to the point where they have seriously affected my life,” Dave says.

Dr. Kerry Assil, who leads a top team of specialists called the IV League, says Dave’s chronic pain prevents him from exercising and enjoying quiet time. He puts orthopedic surgeon Dr. Justin Saliman on the case.

Dr. Saliman finds that Dave has a tear in his meniscus – the cartilage that stabilizes the knee joint – in a difficult-to-see location at the back of the joint. Dr. Saliman says he invented a device that enables him to surround the tear and repair both ends at the same time. He also says Dave needs surgery to reshape his hip joint.

“I think we can get him back to a high level of function,” Dr. Saliman says.

The Doctors follows Dave into the operating room as Dr. Assil performs laser vision correction surgery, and Dr. Saliman performs the knee and hip surgeries.

Dr. Assil and Dr. Saliman join ER physician Dr. Travis Stork to discuss the procedures. Dr. Saliman explains that Dave should be in a knee brace for about a month and can return to playing sports in six to nine months.

"One of the things we love about the IV League is bringing these latest technologies forward, where we can fix things in a very comprehensive, early phase, so that things such as knee replacement, hip replacement are not necessary at a later time," Dr. Assil says.

Dave joins The Doctors  via video two months after the surgery

“I haven’t felt this good in probably four or five years,” he says. "If I didn't tell you that I had surgery, you probably wouldn't know."