Life-Saving Smile Makeover for Man with Rare Disorder

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Playing Medication Destroys Man’s Teeth

Tony, 32, recalls noticing small rings on his forearms one day, which quickly spread to his legs and transformed into painful, red ulcers. He says doctors were baffled by the unusual symptoms. As Tony’s condition worsened, the pain made it difficult for him to walk. His dermatologist prescribed various medications to try to relieve Tony’s symptoms, to no avail. He says at one point, he feared he would need to have both feet amputated.

“I was worried that I was going to die,” Tony says.

Finally, after seven years, Tony received a diagnosis: livedoid vasculopathy, a rare, chronic skin disorder characterized by blood clots and painful red or purple marks that progress to irregular ulcers affecting the lower extremities. The cause of the condition is unknown, and treatment generally involves medications to reduce pain and ulcerations. 

For years, Tony has taken an arsenal of pain medications prescribed by his doctor to manage his LV. Over time, he noticed his teeth began to degenerate. Beginning with a simple chip of a tooth, Tony saw almost all of his teeth slowly break and fall out. A dentist informed him that the years of narcotic medication use had destroyed the enamel on his teeth, leading to decay. 

Desperate to regain the bright smile he once had, Tony reached out to The Doctors for help. Dentist Dr. Kourosh Maddahi examines Tony and discovers that 29 of his 32 teeth are broken down to the gum line, and all of them are deeply infected. Dr. Maddahi explains that as Tony’s enamel wore away, his nerves became exposed and slowly died, which is why he couldn’t feel any pain associated with the infection that has penetrated the bones and sinuses and soon could spread to Tony’s bloodstream – a potentially fatal condition. 

“I can’t believe that’s my mouth,” Tony says as he views his X-rays.

Joining The Doctors, Dr. Maddahi and oral surgeon Dr. Parvaz Mizrahi explain how the necessary treatment to save Tony’s life could potentially be fatal, as well:


“Tony’s case is much more complicated and severe than I thought initially,” Dr. Maddahi says. He explains that due to Tony’s underlying health condition, he is at high risk for developing blood clots during surgery. Due to the increased risk, Dr. Maddahi and Dr. Mizrahi have recruited a team of specialists to come up with a safe plan to treat Tony’s infection and perform the dental makeover he so desperately desires. They add that they will happily perform the surgeries, which would typically cost nearly $100,000, free of charge.

“I can’t stress [enough] how lucky you are you wrote into the show when you did,” Dr. Maddahi says. 

See the stunning results of Tony's smile makeover!


“I feel completely new,” Tony says. “I have so much confidence, and I’m smiling at everyone, everywhere I go."

After expressing deep gratitude to Dr. Maddahi and Dr. Mizrahi, Tony thanks his longtime girlfriend, Charlene, for her unwavering love and support. Tony then presents Charlene with an engagement ring from Robbins Brothers and she accepts his heartfelt marriage proposal.

The Doctors then surprise the happy couple with an all-expenses-paid honeymoon in New Zealand, including a guided tour of the Hobbiton movie set from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies!