Lorenzo Lamas’ Family Health Crisis

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Playing Health Crisis Hits Hollywood Dynasty

Tragedy can strike when you least expect it, even if you’re a celebrity, as soap opera actor and father Lorenzo Lamas recently learned. He joins The Doctors, along with his wife, Shawna, his daughter, Shayne, and Shayne’s husband, Nik, to discuss a devastating crisis the family lived through and to reveal a surprising medical secret.

Shayne and Nik were ecstatic when Shayne became pregnant shortly after they began trying to conceive. She says she experienced normal morning sickness and recalls no signs of trouble. However, one day, Shayne says she began experiencing abdominal pain and collapsed in her kitchen. Nik then rushed his wife to the hospital, where he learned the heartbreaking news his wife had suffered a life-threatening miscarriage and needed an emergency hysterectomy. 

“You’re telling me that I’ve lost my child, and now you’ve taken away any chance of me being able to carry a child again?” Shayne tearfully recalls telling her doctors when she awoke from surgery. “For me, it was the most devastating news I could ever hear.”

OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains that Shayne’s fetus likely implanted on her previous C-section scar, which was the thinnest and most vulnerable part of her uterus. As the fetus grew, the scar eventually ruptured causing potentially catastrophic blood loss.

“This is one of the most devastating OB-GYN surgical emergencies that anyone can imagine,” she says. “You’re lucky to be alive.”

Shayne’s family rallied around her, thankful she was alive, though saddened by the loss of her child. After learning the crushing news from her daughter-in-law, Shawna, who says she has always wanted to bring new life to the world, offered to serve as a surrogate for Shayne and Nik. Lorenzo says he was surprised by his wife’s gracious offer to carry his grandchild.

“I think we’re all getting what we desire in this scenario,” he says.

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